Repeat It: Slipintostyle Ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie


#RepeatIt is a series that focuses on highlighting stylish people and the clothing they wear all of the time, rather than something new, in an effort to promote a more healthy and mindful behavior around shopping when it comes to fashion. We caught up with the fabulous Slipintostyle Ellie during Paris Fashion Week about her style, how she shops, and what items she repeats the most.


Repeat It: Slipintostyle Ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie

Look 1: Musier Paris blazer, TopShop top, Attico pants, Awake shoes, Jacquemus bag, Otumberg earrings


All The Pretty Birds: How would you describe your style?

Ellie: My style is feminine, eclectic, colorful, unexpected, and fun.


ATPB: How do you shop? By trend, by favorite brands, based on some specific inspiration?

E: I’ve been shopping less and less, so when I do take the decision to spend money on an item of clothing or an accessory, it’s a well thought out process. It’s generally something I plan to wear many times for the years to come. I also plan and come up with multiple outfit ideas which I write down on a notebook before purchasing, to make sure I make the most of it when I do finally purchase it. I bought a pair of Mango Jeans 2 weeks ago, I’ve worn them more than 15 days already.


repeat it slipintostyle ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie


ATPB: How often would you say you repeat items in your closet?

E: It depends on the item. I easily repeat basics like a good blazer, a nice pair of jeans, or black leather pants.


ATPB: Do you usually repeat items or looks during fashion month? How does it feel to do so?
E: I very rarely repeat outfits during fashion months and I have to admit. I’m not proud of myself.


ATPB: Have you ever felt the pressure to wear something new each day of fashion month? 

E: Yes but it’s a self-dictated pressure because during fashion month you get invited to a lot of events which means there will be a lot of opportunities to create content at different locations, with different backdrops. This implies changing as many times as possible to create the most diversified content and also planning ahead of my posting schedule and have as much content as I can.


repeat it slipintostyle ellie repeat it slipintostyle ellie

Look 2: Musier Paris blazer, ASOS t-shirt, H&M Studio skirt, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Brinker and Eliza necklaces, Prada sunglasses


repeat it slipintostyle ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie


ATPB: What is your impression of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) approach to social media that specifically focuses on new items, or the object of the moment?

E: OOTD has to be more realistic because unless you actually work in fashion, there’s no way or no valid reason for you to wear new stuff everyday.


ATPB: Do you ever think about the message that we send to our followers or readers in terms of this practice?

E: Yes, I do and I delude myself into thinking that they know I have to change outfits multiple times especially when I’m dressed by brands and that they can.


ATPB: Does the focus on the newest item encourage our followers to invest in pieces that they will wear long term, does it bolster their individuality, will it sustain their joy?

E: I think people are tired of the constant stream of new ‘it’ everything, they no longer know what to buy or if it’s worth the investment. Buying a trendy item certainly does bring joy, but it’s fleeting. It only lasts until the next new it thing pops up. It’s a very precarious feeling and not a sustainable practice at all.


repeat it slipintostyle ellie

Look 3: Musier Paris blazer, ASOS t-shirt, Mango jeans, New Balance sneakers, Fendi bag


repeat it slipintostyle ellie

repeat it slipintostyle ellie


ATPB: Do you ever think about the role that our obsession with accumulating the next new thing plays in the proliferation of fashion industry related pollution?

E: I do think about it especially these days with all the talk about climate change and natural disasters happening all over. I’ve never been a hoarder, I don’t like to accumulate too many things. I regularly detox my wardrobe and give away all the items I don’t wear any more to my girlfriends and to charity. I also buy a lot second hand and vintage, as long as it’s in good condition, there’s no signs of wear of holes in it, I’ll take it.


ATPB: Do you have any advice related to regularly wearing items or repeating looks for individuals outside of the fashion industry who don’t have access to samples, gifts, discounts?

E: Before you buy an item, think it through, plan outfits with what you already own. If you can come up with a list of 5 outfit ideas, then buy it.


ATPB: Can you share some trends that you saw on the runway during the FW20/21 season which will be around for the next few seasons? 

E: I really loved the Saint Laurent show and it’s convinced me to start wearing leggings again with oversized blazers and high heels. Also, the padded shoulders look is not going anywhere.


Imagery by Darrel Hunter @modehunter @darrelhunterphotography


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