Sewing Keeps Me Calm at Home - Shop 5 Items I Use to Craft Pillows, Tops, and More

As soon as I started spending all my time at home, I knew I needed a hobby to keep me busy. I'm an anxious person, so having activities that keep my mind occupied is so helpful. I have always loved fashion and interior design, so learning how to sew was a skill that I knew I'd use regularly. I took one sewing class a couple months ago and absolutely loved it. Sewing is a creative outlet, but there's structure to it that keeps my mind occupied.

I immediately bought a sewing machine recommended by my sewing teacher (good news: it's pink!). The more I sew, the more supplies and products I've learned are necessary for success. So far, I've made several pillows and a springy wrap top. Next up, I'm working on a skirt. I feel so at peace and that I'm doing something productive when I create something new.

If you're looking to gain a new skill, there are tons of great Youtube videos on sewing that will help you get started. Read on to see all the products I use, then get them for yourself. You'll be making cool stuff in no time.

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