What to Wear in 60-Degree Weather – Outfit Ideas for Men & Women

Dressing for 60-degree weather is like a delicate dance. It’s that time of year when layering your clothes becomes important but you don’t want to layer too much or too little.

There is a way to dress for this type of weather and still remain stylish and fashionable. When layering your clothes, it’s important to start with lighter-weight items such as a light shirt and work your way up to a light jacket.

60-Degree Weather Outfit Ideas for Women

1. All-black outfits for women

Black Outfit Black Boots


Fashion Lover Trendy Look


Black outfits are most popular because they have a slimming effect in those areas where you need it most. For 60-degree weather, you could pair a long sleeve shirt in a light cotton material with a top coat. Couple that with a pair of all black cargo capri joggers and finish the outfit with all black ankle boots. The boots could be a low to medium heel style boot. If you prefer, you could finish the outfit off with black A-line skirt that falls just above the knee with opaque tights.


2. Street outfits for women

Elegant Fashion Walk In Wonderland Style


Scottish Coat Look


Blazer Spring Outfit


Ripped Jeans Street Style Fashion


With street outfits, you could combine denim items with non-denim items to achieve a fashionable street look. For example, combining a denim jacket with stretch leggings and a chic stylish boot would provide a fashionable street outfit for 60-degree weather. Adding an element of interest by incorporating a light scarf could be a welcomed accessory. On the flip side, combining a pair of cropped denim jeans with a cropped sweater and accessorizing it with a pair of colorful suede pumps would create an eye-catching outfit that is appropriate for the climate.


3. Chic outfits for women

Cool Coat Leather Pants Style


Cool Hair And Boots Outfit


To achieve a classy chic look, matching a nice silk blouse with a pair of patent leather leggings will create a chic Style that is weather appropriate. Anchor the look with a cropped blazer or classic petticoat and accessorize it with a stately belt and matching shoes and purse and you’re set for 60-degree weather. Another take on a chic outfit could include matching the patent leather leggings with an oversized sweater and animal print shoes. This chic look would be understated yet eye-catching.


4. Spring outfits for women

Love Blazer Elegant Outfit Style


Vans And Jeans With Slits Outfit


Love Blazer Fashion Style Outfit


Weekend Spring Outfit


The key to spring outfits in 60-degree weather is the fabric. The fabrics have to be reminiscent of the springtime, yet comfortable enough for 60-degree weather. Incorporating colorful pieces into a spring outfit is most appropriate. For example, combining a cotton blouse with a slouchy capri and topping it off with a colorful lightweight overcoat would be an excellent example of a spring outfit in 60-degree weather. Neutral toned accessories would pair well with this outfit. Spring fashion doesn’t necessarily have to include colorful clothing items. You could achieve the same look with darker colors and accent the outfit with colorful accessories such as a pair of colorful ballerina slippers or handbag.


5. Autumn outfits for women

Golden Hour Autumn Outfit


Zara Street Style Fashion Style

@Meteora, Grecia

Colorful Cyber Fashion Style


The cutest outfits can be created for an autumn look. Combining a cape-style light sweater with a pair of denim leggings creates the ultimate autumn outfit. To complete the look, add a pair of chunky suede boots, a pair of large hoop earrings with a chunky bracelet to match and you’re ready to take the world by storm. An oversized satchel handbag would be most befitting for this type of autumn outfit.


6. Neutral outfits for women

French Look Outfit Style


Parisienne Autumn Look Style


Revolve Me Spring Outfit


The perfect shade of neutral colors can make an outfit special. It’s easy to think that neutral colors make you disappear into the background, but nothing could be further from the truth. By combining a pair of cream color crop denim jeans with a heather gray cotton blend sweater and accessorizing it with a light gray infinity scarf would create the ultimate neutral outfit. If 60-degree weather is a bit cool for you, try anchoring this look with a beautiful neutral toned top coat.


7. Minimalist outfits for women

Beautiful Trendy Fashion Style


Hot Trendy Autumn Outfit


Spring Elegant Look Outfit


The basic look of a minimalist outfit is far from basic. There are certain design elements that go into creating a simple and understated yet eye-catching minimalist look. Starting with a basic pair of leggings, you’re able to go in a multitude of directions with this outfit. Coupling denim leggings with an oversized, lightweight sweater with little to no jewelry is the ultimate minimalist outfit. If you’re in the mood for a dressier look, you could pair a metallic legging with a simple and elegant sweater and accessorize it with coordinating pumps and an understated handbag.


8. Classic outfits for women

Street Wear Comfy Outfit


Selfie Polish Girl Basic Style


Classic outfits are meant to stand the test of time and incorporating classic accessories into your outfit is an excellent way to create a classic look. For example, a houndstooth print jacket would pair well with a pair of blue jeans, leggings or your favorite skirt. Matching a houndstooth jacket with a pair of slouchy capris creates a classic yet modern look that is perfect for 60-degree weather. This classic look could be accessorized with a satchel handbag and matching shoes. Minimal jewelry would be needed to complete this classic look and could include hoop earrings and a matching ring.


9. Preppy outfits for women

Forest Lover Girl Vintage Style


Preppy plaids and crew neck sweaters are the order of the day for any preppy outfit. By combining a classic white button-down shirt with a crew neck sweater and a pair of cropped denim leggings, you’ve successfully created a preppy outfit suitable for 60-degree weather. The crew neck sweater could be worn in a pullover fashion or could be draped around the neck and used as an accessory. Matching accessories such as a satchel handbag and ballerina slippers are an excellent way to show off your preppy side. If you’re feeling sassy, you could ditch the cropped denim leggings and opt for a pleated midi skirt to complete your preppy look. Either way, you’re sure to grab attention in your perfectly appointed outfit.


10. Pleated skirt outfits for women

Vintage Cool Pink Outfit


Spring Style Outfit


What’s not to love about a pleated skirt outfit? These beautiful creations could be combined with a leather motorcycle jacket, a crop sleeved knit top or an oversized sweater. However you choose to wear your pleated skirt, you can’t go wrong. For example, combining a pleated skirt with a crop sweater would create the perfect pleated skirt outfit. Since the pleated skirt is a statement all by itself, accessorizing it with a small satchel handbag would complete the look perfectly. Another example of a pleated skirt outfit is pairing it with a basic tank top and a motorcycle leather jacket. This outfit could be accessorized with an open toe strappy shoe. This outfit would be the statement of all statements for 60-degree weather.


11. Leather jacket outfits for women

Blue Jeans Blonde Hair Outfit


Leather jacket outfits need no introduction. These outfits could range from a basic motorcycle jacket coupled with form-fitting distressed jeans to a leather jacket paired with a pair of business casual slacks. A leather jacket outfit could include a classic pair of metallic cropped leggings with a silk tank top and a leather jacket caped over the shoulders to create a dramatic effect. Another take on a leather jacket outfit could include a pair of crop denim jeans with a basic V-neck sweater accessorized with a leather jacket and animal print shoes. This look is basic, yet eye-catching.


60-Degree Weather Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Neutral outfits for men

London Long Hair Men Style Fashion


Mens Clothing Style


Neutral outfits for men come in many different shades ranging from white, beige to light greys. Any one of these colors could create a ruggedly handsome look for a man who’s on the go. A prime example of a perfectly designed neutral outfit could include an all-white canvas of white jeans and a white cardigan sweater. Turn it up a notch by pairing this basic white outfit with a camel color top coat and matching ankle boots to balance the look. If camel is not your color, any shade of gray would do the trick.


2. Urban outfits for men

Mens Wear Fashion Style


Casual Mens Fashion Style


Casual Wear Mens Fashion Style


Hair Style Mens Fashion


For the man that’s just running out for a bag of groceries or to gather at the local bar and grill with friends, an urban outfit would fit the bill quite nicely. This outfit could include a pair of sleek black denim jeans matched with a light gray crew neck sweater and top it off with a classic leather jacket. Wearing a matching pair of light grey suede ankle boots would balance the outfit and create a sense of Interest. For an even more casual look, a crew neck sweater combined with a pair of rugged cargo jeans is perfect for a day around the town. Wearing a pair of logo encrusted tennis shoes would complete this casual look nicely.


3. Spring outfits for men

Street Style Men Fashion


Fabolous Looking Men Style


Spring outfits for men can be as casual or as dressy as you need it to be. These outfits could include a pair of rugged denim jeans paired with a crew neck t-shirt and topped off with a bomber jacket. Anchor the outfit with one of your favorite pairs of name-brand tennis shoes and you’re all set with an outfit appropriate for 60-degree weather. For a less casual look, a pair of business slacks paired with a button-down shirt could be more appropriate. For 60-degree weather, it may not be a bad idea to anchor this look with a casual men’s blazer.


4. Street outfits for men

Men With Street Style


Mens Outfit Style Fashion


Street Wear Mens Style


Beautiful Mens Wear Style


Great Fashion Mens Style


Grooms Men Style Fashion


Men Street Wear Fashion


Mens Classic Style


Street Wear Fashion Style


Street outfits for men are the ultimate in comfort and fashion. These outfits could range from a pair of rugged jeans with holes at the knees and your favorite designer logo t-shirt to a pair of slim-fitting colored jeans with a hooded sweatshirt topped off with a denim jacket. These casual looks bring fashion to the street by allowing men to express themselves in their most basic form. For 60-degree weather, you could top these outfits with cropped denim jackets or plaid flannel shirts to provide a sense of warmth.


5. All-black outfits for men

Fashion All Black Outfits


An all-black outfit for men could range from an outfit with a black leather jacket or a black top coat to complete the look. A black men’s blazer would also add an element of fashion to any all black outfit. An excellent example of an all-black outfit for a man could include a slim pair of black denim jeans paired with a crew neck cotton shirt and a black leather jacket. This style could be anchored with a pair of black ankle boots to complete the look.


6. Autumn outfits for men

Street Wear Mens Fashion Style


Classic Mens Style Fashion


Style For Men Fashion


Sun Glasses Style Men Fashion


A simple autumn outfit for a man could include a pair of colored denim jeans with a matching crew neck shirt draped with a peacoat in a contrasting color with shoes and a belt to match.


7. Dapper outfits for men

Street Look Men Style


Sporty Look Mens Fashion


Modern Classic Mens Style Fashion


German Sheperd Men Style
London Men Style Fashion
Casual Mens Fashion Style
Cool Mens Style
Simple Elegant Mens Wear
Style Icon Outfit Style
Mens Style Fashion Clothing

A dapper look for a man’s outfit could include a finely tailored suit accessorized with a perfectly matched tie and pocket handkerchief to complete this refined look. Other examples of a dapper look could include coordinated pieces such as an all-black canvas of black slacks and a black mock turtleneck shirt paired with a coordinating leather jacket. Accessorize with a fine pair of high-quality leather shoes and you’ve completed the perfect look.


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